About eShakti

eShakti makes clothes to your size, height and style. The only clothing brand to do so.

It is also about sustainability as there is no waste either at our end or yours. We don’t have any clothes left over at the end of the season as we only make what the customer orders. And you are more likely to find clothes that meet your size, height and style requirements and hence will have nothing that hangs unused in your closet.

What eShakti means to the customer

Customers say three things most often about eShakti: they feel confident in clothes made to their size, height and style, they get a lot of compliments and they feel feminine! When you buy new clothes, you expect them to make you look your best. But if the size, height or styling does not suit you, that hope and expectation is not met. That is the difference that eShakti makes.

At eShakti you have a choice of brands – eShakti itself and then Zapelle (contemporary), Wayward Fancies (Boho) and Newbury Street (High Street Fashion).

Customization is easy

Customization is fast

Customization is affordable


eShakti has offices in New York and in India. Its sales returns center is located in Portland, Oregon.


Being not just customer-centered but customer-led is at the core of eShakti’s culture of innovation. We can bring new products to market as fast as within 3 days if there is change in trend. And our customers participate in the design so that they get what suits them. They can change neckline, sleeve and length, add or remove pockets and get clothes made to their exact size and height.

Employee Well-Being

eShakti is committed to the health, well-being, and ethical treatment of all our employees worldwide. We have offices in both India & the United States. Our backend operations including manufacturing are done in India. eShakti is fully compliant and wholeheartedly supports India’s labor laws which include, but are not limited to, protection for all workers (working conditions, compensation, regulation of working hours, etc.), special protection for women (safety, comfort, etc.) and prohibition of child labor. Our key labor policies are outlined here:

  1. eShakti is fully compliant with all Indian national laws - including those governing labor and environmental protection. We are also held to and are compliant with stricter norms set by our private equity and venture capital investors.
  2. All eShakti employees have health and life insurance as well as paid sick leave. All workers also have a life-time pension plan for themselves and their spouse.
  3. As of June 2021, we have administered COVID-19 vaccines to 68% of our employees. The vaccinations are available to all employees, and we continue to administer them each week as more employees and workers come forward.
  4. We implemented and enforced COVID-19 safety protocols at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 including: social distancing, mandatory masking, temperature checks, and hand-sanitization practices. We continue to enforce these safety practices because of which we have only encountered a few positive cases till now and are operating at full capacity.

What Our Customers Say

I could write about all the wonderful features of eShakti, such as the creative and varied clothing designs, the well-designed and informative product descriptions on the website

    The joy of the fit!

    I honestly didn't know what to expect. I was too scared to be excited about my order and felt nervous when it arrived. I am curvy woman and I wasn't so sure I could trust that the items would fit. But after opening the box I couldn't help but smile! My items were beautifully arranged in the box, as if someone who cared about me carefully folded each item for me. I slowly unwrapped the first dress and I said, "Woooooooooow!!!" and when I slid on the dress and saw myself in the mirror, I literally bounced up and down with excitement! And that experience enhanced my excitement for the remaining dresses in my order. I am a grown woman and I was almost in tears when I saw myself in these dresses!! The quality of the workmanship, the design, the fabric and the customizations is unlike anything I have EVER experienced before. I am in loooooooooooove with eShakti!!

    -Michelle N Brown, NC


    Love the customization!

    I found out about eShakti after I complimented a coworker on her dresses and she told me this was where she got them. I like a similar style so had been meaning to try out a customization for myself. The FX tool was very helpful in visualizing the details for the dress I chose. The ordering process was smooth and I was amazed by how quickly my dress was made and delivered to me (a whole week earlier than the ETA provided). The packaging is protective and efficient with minimal waste. I usually buy dresses made of very stretchy fabric, and this one was 98% cotton/2% spandex, which was even less stretchy than I had imagined. Laid flat, it looked wider than I'm used to, but the numbers don't lie; it fit just right and looked great. Thank you eShakti!

    -Leko Lin, MA


    Great customer service!

    eShakti is a women's paradise! I love, love love being able to find so many dresses available, and to be able to have them custom made to my measurements. It is almost impossible for me to find readymade clothing that fits me everywhere. I am forced to buy separates, which are unflattering on me, and I prefer to wear dresses. My customer service experiences have been great - and it is amazing to me that customized items can be so easily returned. The turnaround time, for custom made wear from another country is almost unbelievable - I always get my purchases in a little over 2 weeks.

    -Constance Maloney


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