Our customers share their stories

  • Tears of Joy:
    "I actually cried ... when I lifted my dress out of the box."

    A few weeks ago I was invited to a weekend event that was a really big deal. I was thrilled beyond measure. Saying yes to the invitation also meant saying yes to a gala. What to wear? ...What to wear? I wanted something fantastic and something that I could use for multiple events. The turn around time was a bit crazy. I found something and I took a chance. So glad I did!! Everything was so lovely, all along the way...from the website, ordering and the emails to confirm my order and assure a quick ship date. When the package first arrived I wondered how all of that dress could fit into such a little box? Was it a dress for Barbie? (Really, I have ordered a "cool shirt" from a Facebook Ad and the size I ordered for me actually fit Gabi! YIKES!) I actually cried as I opened the tissue and lifted my dress out of the box. It was so beautiful. The color was what I envisioned, the stitching and the hand work. It was all excellent. The entire experience was wonderful. I was so glad that I paid a little extra to have it made specifically to my measurements. (They were very clear about how and where.) The Gala was everything I imagined, and I was ready for it! If you are wanting to be ready for your next "Big Deal", check it out www.eshakti.com. - Vickie Wildman Hedgepeth, eShakti customer Shop collection

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  • Pitch Perfect:
    eShakti dresses "helped us shine...and radiate confidence."

    Guys. Something happened. Let me take you back to last Saturday night... We take a deep breath. The stage manager asks if we are ready. Kari gives the go sign. ... We hear the crowd chanting "Vivàce, Vivàce" and we smile with anticipation. Donna reaches into the pocket of her dress to pull out the pitch pipe and blows the tone while Jessi does a little excited dance. Our dresses are perfect: elegant and fun. Our makeup and hair is in place. We cross our fingers, hoping what we are about to do is just as perfect. Then we hear it- “Contestant number 7, from New York State, VIVÀCE!” We file out, four in a row with excitement cracking in the air. We take the stage in our floor length gown and gather around the microphone. Amy starts the song with a bang and we are off, singing our hearts out to the judges, to our sisters in Harmony Inc., and to each other. Four women, standing in a semi-circle, create intricate harmonies about how much we love being here with each other. Something happened on that stage, we made musical magic. We are Vivàce Quartet, a women’s barbershop quartet, who just placed 8th at the International Contest and Convention of Harmony, Inc. Two rounds of singing and two different #eShakti dresses complimented our performance with perfect tailoring and options for each of us. First round was a fun, swingy Duponi dress. Second round a stunning floor length column dress with draped sleeve cape. Hundreds of our singing friends asked us where we got the dresses. We were ecstatic to tell them about eShakti dresses at www.eshakti.com. Something happened when we put on these gowns. They helped us shine on stage and radiate confidence. They were absolutely perfect for four women in Harmony. - Jessi Nasto, eShakti customer Shop collection

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  • Nonstop Compliments plus 
    "Bonus, it has pockets!!"

    I lost a bit of weight recently and had been struggling finding modest mature dresses. Tiny woman does not =tiny clothes  I am a grown ... woman who likes dress as such and shopping in the Jrs department was not cool. My Bestie turned me on to #Eshakti to find what I was in need of ... WAS SHE EVER RIGHT :-) I'm loving all my Eshakti fashions!! Anytime I wear a dress from your company the compliments and questions are nonstop!!! I am quick to share where and how I got whichever dress that I am wearing and can't wait to brag that: Bonus it has pockets!!  I am merely a canvas for the for the beautiful fashions that you all offer and thank you so much for having such a wide variety of ensembles to suit my "Saturday-with-the-Hubbs" as well as my "Sunday-go-to-Meeting" swagg.   - Stacci Wilson, eShakti customer Shop collection

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  • Confidence-boosting, custom-fit dresses with stunning results:
    "A T-girl’s best friend."

    Dress shopping can be a real challenge for transgender women. While it's easy to find super cute dresses that we love, finding ones that also fit well... and look great on us can be totally frustrating. Fortunately, though, www.Eshakti.com has made that problem go away! Their catalog is full of gorgeous dresses suitable for any occasion. (Warning – it’s really easy to spend hours looking through their collection.) Each dress can be customized to match your style preferences and then custom made to your exact measurements. The result is stunning – an affordable dress that is beautiful, unique and fits perfectly. I have received many compliments while wearing this dress, and it really boosts my confidence. #Eshakti is a T-girl’s best friend! - Jennifer Thomas, eShakti customer Shop collection

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  • My Favorite Dressmaker:
    "I felt like Cinderella in my eShakti dress."

    I had a mesmerizing evening at the Ballet in New York City watching La Sylphide performed by beautiful ballerinas. In the theater... , I felt like Cinderella in my EShakti dress. "Where did you get your gown?" I was asked between acts, when the audience got to walk around the promenade. "I ordered it from EShakti. They are my favorite dress makers." I responded. Thank you for making me feel like a Princess. Thank you for making my dress and for making "Something Happen!" Find your dress at www.eshakti.com - Jennifer Thomas, eShakti customer Shop collection

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  • Game Changer:
    EShakti "changed the way I see my body..."

    I haven’t been out much, because I take the pandemic very seriously, and work in healthcare so I strive to be an example of how to behave. A few weeks ago, I needed to pick up a piece of jewelry that... I’d had repaired. I was fully masked, and thankful that the jeweler is a stand-alone storefront and not in a large mall or shopping center. There were two other customers in the shop, a woman in her early 50’s and her 20 something daughter, both were masked. I was wearing this dress. As I passed, the mother turned and said "I love your dress, where is it from?" So I told her it was from #eShakti, and opened my phone to show the website. She said she’d never heard of them, and asked why I like them. I told her that was easy; and then I stepped right up on my soapbox. I told this stranger and her daughter that I believe every woman deserves to look and feel good in their clothing regardless of their size or shape. I’m also passionate about fashion sustainability. eShakti pays workers 70% more than the mandatory minimum wage in India, it provides opportunity to women, and not child labor. They have reduced waste, as everything is made to order so there’s no warehouse of clothes waiting to ship. Finally, inclusivity with two size options, standard sizes 0-36 the measurements are on the website, or a custom option that allows you to enter your own measurements to have your clothes tailor made for you. I told her that this company had changed the way I see my body, I don’t have to try and make myself fit into sizes or styles that aren’t right for me or struggle to find tailored and clean work looks in my size. She said she thanks, and that she’d look at the site when she got home. Then as she was about to leave, she came back and said "Thank you. Thank you for telling me all of that, and for having such strong conviction. For wanting all women to feel good in their bodies and saying it out loud because people don't say it enough and it's hard enough to be a woman. Thank you for being a part of my joy today." And then she left. It was a rare, bright moment of connection in a time of isolation that I will never forget. - Carmen Rodriguez, eShakti customer Shop collection

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